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Improvements to the old Seal-Rite Window: 

The original Seal-Rite Window Company...

was founded in 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska. By 1998, financial issues had become too big of a burden, and subsequently they were bought out by an investment bank, becoming Outlook Windows.  In 2001 the company changed hands again, taking the name of Window Technologies. Window Technologies still operated out of the same facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2010, they went out of business. That company, Window technologies had gone out of business and the old phone number is now forwarded to our phone here at Seal Rite Windows today.

We, the current Seal-Rite Windows got the specs and bought the name of the company that had made the original window parts; which are the same as we use today, along with improvements that Window Technologies first introduced; as well as the constant incremental improvements that we strive to add and maintain each day today.

The biggest problem we see in Seal-Rite windows that were installed up to 2001 is the lower sash rotting. The reason this happened is that the wood was not primed out of the factory. The Windows that were shipped were expected to get primed by the installers. Often times, maybe it was overlooked or maybe it was to save money; but the builder didn't always take this necessary step for window longevity. In many cases, the windows were put in, and painted over without having the new step that we do; which is to prime on all 6 sides. This way, when the window is painted over to match the original setting, it now has a much longer lifetime expectancy.  

Using the same exact style of windows that were created early on. We do different seals, glass and wood preservative. The sash (or frame) has to be primed on all 6 sides.  Using our newer, better, longer lasting processes we can afford to put our seal of approval and warranty on our quality products. We give a 7 year warranty on the Sash and a 10 year warranty on the glass, which is pro-rated.

Window technologies in about 2001, started doing an extruded metal for the cladding. We can fix those types of windows, but when we fix the cladding it will have newer, more efficient style of cladding on it; which looks a little different. Window technologies also had started to do vinyl windows.  The most important change they made that we still carry on today as specialists in the field is that we can accurately re-create, repair, custom retro-fit; preserving history and retaining the integrity of the original historical windows.

Historical Renovation, Replacement & Repair:

When considering to repair or to replace a historical window, many considerations are made. Energy efficiency, original integrity, cost… are just a few. We can save you money while increasing the lifetime and efficiency of the window; while preserving the original integrity of the original window style whether you are interested in custom retro-fit style historical windows or just in some custom parts to repair your original historic windows. We will create the parts to match, or re-create the entire window so that the specs match; however, your new parts or windows that are made to the old specs will have a major difference. That difference is that you will now be the proud new owner the current and new Seal-Rite Window Seal of Approval and 7/10 year warranty. You can count on Seal-Rite to accurately re-create and improve the windows of your historical home or building with care, attention to detail and accuracy when you are planning your next renovation, retro-fitting or historical improvement.

Custom Fabrication:

We here at Seal-Rite Windows & More today can custom fabricate any part, parts, or an entire window of any type.  Not only historical; but every window you can send us can be re-created. If you can't send it, measurements and photos will work.

We look forward to doing business for you here at Seal Rite Windows. Please via the website, use any form on any page of the website in a section you may be interested in and or, request a free estimate or consultation. And if you would like to take the measurements and some photos and enter the information to expedite the process, then you may do so on the estimate checklist


Or, for a simple option to figure out your Seal-Rite Sash repair, go to our Seal-Rite Windows page. There you will find instructions on how to best tell what window you have and how to order.


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