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Seal-Rite Windows

A typical Seal-Rite Windows customer is someone experiencing window wood rot or rotted sash, fogged glass, and/or hardware issues . The houses they live in are generally 10 to 30 years old, and they have found us due to the "Seal-Rite" inscribed on the handle or “Seal-Rite Windows” etched in the left or right corner of their existing sash. Seal-Rite Windows has carved out a niche in the wood window market. We can fix your existing wood window at a fraction of the cost versus new windows. We have the capability and tooling to repair windows regardless of their condition,  with the result being very cost effective verses most alternatives.

We have every style of original Seal-Rite cladding such as Bronze, White, Sand and Bare Wood, as well as all sizes and types of glass online and ready for purchase to be shipped out to you now. Simply click "Shop Now" badge below.

If you have trouble figuring out which window is the right one to purchase; relax, it's easy.

 First, you want to figure out which type of aluminum cladding you have on the exterior.  Some window sashes don't have any cladding, and are just bare wood that's been painted.

The color choices for cladding are: White, Sand (an almond color), or Bronze (dark brown) Pretty simple so far eh?

Next, you'll want to get the daylight measurement of the window to be repaired.

Here's a quick video...

Don't worry too much while measuring your sash. Seal-Rite sashes come in various standard sizes, so an 1/8" here or there shouldn't matter. Basically, add an inch to the width and an inch to the height and that is your size to order.

So now you should know the finish of your sash and the size to order.

The next step is to determine whether you have muntins or not (the grid-lines across the pane of glass that divide it into smaller lites); and if so, how many you have vertically and how many you have horizontally. Here's a quick video to show you how to count them.

So, if you have muntins, you'll want to be sure to order the finish type (or, cladding), the right size, know about the muntin count if there are any (Which should be denoted in your order or afterwards we'll contact you to ask, just be sure to purchase the right one...); so now you are down to the last step.

The last step is to choose your glass type.

We offer:

Clear IG

Low E (Energy Efficient)

Tempered (Safety)

Tempered and Low E (Safety as well as Efficiency)

- all with or without muntins, and in every finish and size for your convenience.

For the residential home, we recommend Low E. It will save on your heating and cooling bills in the future, for years to come and doesn't cost much more; as you will see in the store.

Happy Shopping!

As always, we take pride in our hand crafted work.


If you have a question... Don't hesitate to ask.

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